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Updated: Mar 20


Bathroom remodels tend to offer a high return on investment, but it still helps to be strategic, Remodeling projects require thorough planning as pluming, vent, and electrical layouts need to be taken into consideration.

1. Run Comps

Looking at the renovations your neighbors have done is a great way to figure out their added value on their property. For example, if a house has a high end renovation in their bathroom, which features a stand alone soaking tub, with app tech lighting, and heated floors. You can compare the sale of the home to others that have sold with slightly the same features, range, and year built.

2. Modernize Your Bathroom

It is always best to avoid changing out the entire layout of the bathroom. Budget wise, gutting a layout renovation tends to be costly. The best cost effective option is to remodel within the same pull and place, instead of relocating electrical circuits for lights or outlets.

Pull and place by replacing the tile to a texture and color that can amplify the over all aesthetic of the room. According to Houzz the taken by a trend Survey. Most homeowners preferred a marble design for baths, porcelain or penny tile.

You will also be surprised what a simple vanity storage design, toilet replacement, paint job can do.

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